I cannot recommend South Florida Speech Therapy, LLC highly enough. I have a four year old daughter who has developmental delays, including speech. As a working parent, it was very difficult for me to put in the time necessary to help her. From the moment she met Shelley, there was an instant connection. She was able to help her express herself using age appropriate sentences and vocabulary. She has progressed so much. Thank you Shelley!

I contacted South Florida Speech Therapy, LLC in order to help my daughter with her speech impediment. Thanks to her amazing therapist, she is able to speak clearly and overcame her fear of speaking in front of her class. She is much more confident now!

I would like to take the time to thank Dr. Farin for helping us get our child to eat. He went from not eating anything I would give him to polishing off his plate! Now, he is a healthy, energetic child who looks forward to mealtime with the family. Dr. Farin taught us how to make mealtime a fun experience for the whole family, and now we can travel without worrying. Thank you!

South Florida Speech Therapy, LLC helped my father communicate again after his stroke. He wasn't able to understand what people were saying to him and it affected his relationship with many people in the community. He is now active again in his community and synagogue and we are so grateful.

My child saw Dr. Farin to correct her /r/ sound. We had been to many therapists and none were able to help until Dr. Farin came and made the therapy sessions positive, fun, and something my daughter looked forward to. Now, she is 100% intelligible and does not struggle or become frustrated when talking.

Dr. Farin worked with my child throughout the summer on her reading and processing skills. My daughter is now reading at a 5th grade level and is up to par with her peers. She also has improved with her social skills and is beginning to make friends. We are so lucky to have met Dr. Farin in time before the new school year started.

Licenses and Certifications:

Dr. Shelley Farin - SA 10227 

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